I wrote earlier that you should have ZERO TOLERANCE for not having a documented “next step” for EACH AND EVERY name in your database.

This is the first in a series of posts on how to get there and what to do next.  When you’ve completed all the actions in this series you should have a crystal clear picture of how to begin using the vast amount of information you already have to increase your sales. 


I’m starting from the premise that you are doing some sort of marketing. This will run the gamut:  Direct Mail, Social Media, Blogging, Network Meetings, Cold Calling, Print/Online Advertising, or anything else that you are doing to grow your SPHERE OF INFLUENCE.*

Over the last 12 months you have obtained a certain amount of names of people that you have spoken with with in one form or another.  The challenge is this – those names are scattered. Here are some of the places you might have them stored.

  • Business cards you’ve collected at Networking Events or elsewhere.
  • Scraps of paper with scribbled notes
  • Twitter Followers**
  • Facebook Fans
  • Emails you’ve received from people trying to sell you what they sell
  • Lists of people who asked you to send information to them

All of these names can be split into two groups:  Those who have become clients and those who have not.

If you are like most of us – the second group is much bigger than the first.

Soooooo here is the task. This could be very time consuming and a little tedious but well worth the effort. You will thank yourself later on for having done this.

Gather them all into one list. I personally like the idea of using a spreadsheet but if you want it can just be a paper list. If you are most comfortable putting the names into an automated Contact Management System, that’s fine too so long as you add a field on each of these records so you can group  them as one list when you have completed.

On the list, put whatever information you have about each one.  It doesn’t matter at this point if you have all their contact info, put down what you have

You must include the SOURCE of each record. If you don’t know the source of the name, shame on you – but just leave it out. You won’t make that mistake in the future. This is going to be hugely important down the line when you are trying to track where your business comes from.  The sources should be simple and PLEEEZ spell the source the same each time you use it.

Once you have completed the list – you’re done.  Stay tuned for Step #2 – Bucketizing


*To make sure we’re reading the same sheet of music here is the definition of SPHERE OF INFLUENCE. There are a multitude of definitions of this term. For my purposes I use the one I learned from my friend JENNIFER ALLAN, noted Real Estate trainer and best selling author.



** Regarding Names from Twitter you don’t necessarily want to include all your followers and folowees.  There are some folks that you follow as news or information sources and there certainly are those folks that followed you with a bot simply to get you to return the favor and follow them back.  The ones you want are those that you’ve had conversations with and could be either potential clients or a source of referrals.

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