Sorry! I’m Really Swamped!

So your spouse asks you on Monday morning if you can pick up the dry cleaning today. You say you will do it the next day as you are “really swamped and just don’t have the time.”

As you’re packing up your stuff to leave, you scan your email Inbox and notice a promo piece from a big electronics store with the subject line Selected Laptops 30% Off – Today Only.  You have been needing a new laptop for a while so you click the link in the email to see if there’s a suitable model.  You find one.  The normal price is $699 – on sale today only for $489.

You somehow manage to find the time to get to that store and buy the laptop.  You don’t miss any of your appointments and you meet several new prospects at a networking luncheon.

Fast Forward 24 Hours!

After you pick up the dry cleaning, you call a prospect to ask what he thought of the information you sent him a couple of weeks earlier.  He apologizes and tells you he’s been “really swamped and just hasn’t had the time.

For Your Entertainment

1968 bubble gum band ORPHEUS lip syncing their one hit “Can’t Find The Time To Tell You!” In case you happen to notice the bass player on stage right you’ll see that he looks like a teenage John Lithgow – it is not.

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