My Ship Came In While I Was At The Airport

This is a subject that I talk and write about a lot, because it’s one of the most important ways to maintain and grow your sales revenue.

I was recently cleaning out some old clothes (at the behest of my lovely wife) and a came across a T-Shirt that I bought about 20 years ago. I got it in a gift shop at LAX. The phrase was “My ship finally came in but unfortunately I was at the airport.” (I shortened it a little for the title of this article.)

I was on my way to speak at a convention of Photo Retailers.  My topic was how small retail shops can increase sales by calling their past customers on the phone.

One of the folks in the audience commented that in his operation they had a program to stay in touch with past customers.  They did it with direct mail postcards 4 times a year.

I responded by asking him how many sales came from  these cards.  He had a rough idea that about 2 -3 % of the cards came in with customers to buy things.

I told him that was a good return.  I then commented that  he might get even more sales by calling a part or all of the 97% of people  who didn’t respond.

Not sure why, but the image of that t-shirt suddenly popped into my head.  So I quoted it to the audience. I went on to explain that sending out a mailing is great.  Once you send it out, however, it’s like waiting at the airport for your customers to “land”.    What about the customers who travel by sea?

People (customers) do not all respond to the same things.   So by reaching out to them in a variety of ways you are bound to reach more of them. If you reach more of them you’ll make more sales.

So if you’re not sure how your customers are traveling, don’t spend all your time at the airport.

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