Let’s Talk About You Now. What Do You Think Of My Hair?

Did you ever have a conversation with someone who talks like that?  Would you buy anything from them?

Guess what – the rest of the world is just like you.  Most people are turned off by someone who speaks only about themselves.  The instinct is to get away as fast as possible.

To bond with others and have them look forward to talking with you, you’ll have to demonstrate that you are interested in them.  If someone’s goal is to avoid you, what are the odds that they will buy what you sell?

You can’t fake interest either with a pre-determined, rehearsed set of questions designed to elicit specific answers so you can launch into your sales pitch.  You have to actually BE interested in them.

But what about the the golden rule of selling:  ABC – Always Be Closing.

  • Did you want me to place an order for two – or will one do?
  • What address will we shipping to?
  • You know, when one of our founding fathers, had to face a tough decision, he had a little technique he used…….
  • Will you be paying by check or should we put you on account?

BLAH BLAH BLAH — Gag me now!  These tired old techniques are so transparent and can turn a lot of people off.

A much more effective rule for closing is  ABQ: Always Be Questioning.

The best way to close a sale – no matter what you sell, is to learn about what the client’s needs are and what motivates them.

If you focus the majority of time talking about great your product or service is, pausing every now and again to ask a “closing question,” you will be seen as a stereotypical, pushy sales person whose only goal is to make a sale.

If you start from the beginning by asking questions and allow the client the opportunity to come to his own conclusions, the close will happen on its own, provided you sell something that actually has value to the client.

If you don’t have a product or service that will benefit the prospect, then he really isn’t a prospect now is he?  The fact is that if you do everything right from the beginning, you’ll never have to ask whether they like your hair or not – they’ll tell you on their own.

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