FourSquare + Twitter: Might Be A Double Edged Sword

Social Media lovers who use both Twitter and Foursquare really need to look at the impact of cross-pollination between the two. You may be hurting your online image if you’re not doing it right.

There are basically two kinds of Foursquare users – casual and passionate.

If you are a passionate user, you most likely have your FS posts automatically posting to your Twitter and/or Facebook profiles. You need to think it through to make sure you’re accomplishing what you intend.  If you are involved in Social Media to be a part of the global online community you have to consider it what you are doing is furthering that goal or hurting it.

While your FS friends may be interested to know where you are every minute– your Twitter followers might not.

People read Twitter to learn and share information and to build relationships with other users. If you are posting a disproportionate percentage of Tweets that do not add to your followers’ experience, you will likely lose followers. The beauty of Twitter is that it takes only one click to stop following someone.

Maybe you should read a Kindle book on the train

Posting on FS/Twitter at every station your commuter train passes in the morning and evening is just not that interesting.

Creating two or three FS locations at your own home such as the backyard, TV room and your home workshop then posting to FS/Twitter each time you move from one to the other is not what Twitter folks signed up for.

Some may find it intrusive to have their Tweet stream cluttered with things that have little informative value.

Easy doens’t always mean better.

Just because the various Social Media platforms have made it easy to shotgun your posts across the spectrum does not mean that it is always in your best interest to do it.  It may reduce the amount of effort you put in to being a part of the community but like most things that are easy – they might not serve you as well as something which takes a little more time and effort.

I’m just saying…..


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