I Don’t Have Time To Get Organized

I made this sign a while back and I have it hanging on the wall right above my monitor.  It is front of me – eye level – whenever I am working in my office.  I stare it while I am working.  I’m staring at it right now.  Since I am aware that in my business model, these are the core things I have to do in order to keep growing my business, how come this is the first post I’ve written on this blog in a little over two weeks?

How come I’ve  only had one cup of Starbucks’ Green tea in the last 10 days?  How come that other than a flurry of Tweets over the last few days, have I pretty much been invisible on Twitter for some time?

Oh I have a good answer – one that allows me not to feel guilty.  I have too much to do!  Between working on actual paying projects, working intensely on some long-term marketing stuff and a plethora of family things to get done, I simply haven’t had time to work on my sphere of influence communication.

If a coaching client told me those were his reasons for ignoring these basic yet vital activities, I suspect he’d see my dark side. I’d tell him that there are only two solutions, based on the truth of his excuses. The first is acknowledging that he’s full of crap.  The second is that he needs someone to delegate stuff to. In either case – whether or not he really can’t get to everything, the situation is simply not acceptable. The core activities are the only activities that will allow him to have continued, long-term success.  I would tell him that he needs first to be honest with himself and with me or I would be unable to help him.

Here’s the truth in my situation.  I simply have fallen off the wagon.   I am not sticking to the time and task management system I have embraced and have been following for about 10 years.

There are lots of systems  – the one that works best for someone is the one that they will use.  I have been a devotee of GTD by David Allen. When I stick to his principles I always manage to accomplish more.    If you haven’t read his book, Getting Things Done, I have it listed on my fledgling reading list.

So I’m re-reading the book weekend and hopefully I’ll be back on the wagon on Monday.  It’s already working, just by committing to read the book. I did just write this blog post.

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  1. great reminders of the quality and quantity of things we should do!

  2. Excellent Rick. This lesson can be applied to so many things that we need to do, but allow to slip for our professional and personal lives. Kelly talks abouit it in the context of distractions and how allowing distractions to keep you from those daily routines are the #1 reason WHY we push the “dailies” aside. Then we rationalize our behavior and hope no one calls us on it. What many of us need are professional nags that hold our feet to the fire and won’t taek no for an answer.

  3. So, when are you going to give me a call? 🙂

    I know what you mean, Rick. I’m working hard to grow my business. Client work is increasing, which is great. But as a business owner it seems there’s always the next hurdle to get over. First it was, do I start a business or not. Next it was, do I advertise here or not. Then it was, do I take on this partner or collaborate with this individual or not. After that it’s, do I hire someone to help me or not. There’s always another hurdle. That’s when it’s key to keep the end goal in sight. Has your business growth reached the goal you’d set? If not, are you capable (physically, mentally and emotionally) of taking it there all on your own, or will you need help? If you’re going to need help and you acknowledge that sooner rather than later, you’ll hire that extra set of hands (even part-time) to help you comfortably manage the growth you have planned!

    I’ve been having reading The Get-It-Done Guy’s book by Stever Robbins (and listening to his podcast). Not only that, I’ve been implementing the organizational tips as I go through it. (I don’t read the next bit until I’ve implemented at least some of the chapter I’d recently finished.) So, I salute you in your efforts to get yourself organized again! And perhaps you’ll call me soon? 🙂

    • Well said Tara. As for calling you – I haven’t gotten to the chapter in the book yet on making calls. 😉

      Actually – I just managed to get Skype working on my new PC. Let’s shoot for tmw. I’ll e-you later.

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