The Secret Place Where Marketing Ends and Sales Begins

The larger the company, the more of a bright line exists between sales and marketing. In fact, in most large companies there is a probability that your sales and marketing folks enjoy membership in a mutual dis-admiration society. This dysfunctional relationship costs the company money.

This is in area where large businesses should take a page from the smallest of small businesses. They know the secret: If marketing and sales functions are executed properly, no one should be aware where one ends and the other begins. In many cases the small company doesn’t even know that they know this. The most important thing on the mind of a small business owner is to increase profit. Whether new accounts are generated by a great marketing idea or because of someone’s great sales ability doesn’t matter.

In larger organizations, success if often determined through achieving departmental objectives, which ought to be completely in sync with overall company objectives. Sales people love to close a big deal that can’t be attributed to a “pointless marketing promotion.” Conversely when a big deal is won that did not originate with a marketing program, the folks in marketing may have a piece of themselves that wishes the deal hadn’t been closed.

It is, of course, an oversimplification to say that there is no functional divide between marketing and sales. The bottom line though, has to be the bottom line.

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