Level 2 Twitter Tip: Lists Vs. Saved Hashtag Searches

Level 2 Twitter tips are for those who’ve mastered the basics of Tweeting  and are now ready to move on to the real value of the platform.

At first glance, it might seem a little redundant to have the ability to create lists and saved # searches with the same topic.   Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with Twitter, using both can be invaluable.

Keep in mind that lists and searches have two very different functions.

  • List:  This groups all tweets by users that you manually add to the list. The posts that you see on the list will include all topics that the selected users tweet about.  There will be no tweets from any users who you have not added to that list.
  • Saved Hashtag Search: This  groups all tweets from users throughout the Twitterverse that have posted an update with the hashtag you have designated in the search.

Here’s an example of why I use both.

In my consulting practice I work with some clients on their Content Marketing strategy.   For this discipline there are two areas where Twitter can make me better at what I do, increase my value and gain more exposure to potential clients or partners.

I have a Twitter List called “Content Marketing”.  Using this list I can follow users who are thought-leaders in the discipline. By reading what they say, there is a lot I can learn to enhance my own value.  By interacting with them – commenting on or asking them questions about their writing, there is the potential to raise my own “status” in the market and possibly establishing some valuable contacts for my own community.

I also have a saved hashtag search called “ContentMarketing”. By following this search, I can see everything that anyone posts with the designated hashtag.   Some of these posts, obviously will be written by the same folks on my list – however – many of the posts will not.  It is the posts from non list-members that is my objective here.  By reading the folks who are talking about content marketing, I may find users I want to add to my named list.  There might also be some issues that are not being talked about on my list of experts.

I can identify users who are trying to learn about content marketing.  This last group is comprised of  people with whom I can potentially develop mutually beneficial relationships.

Another, more subtle distinction.

When I read or participate in discussions on my list of though leaders, I’m a small fish in a big pond.

When I read or participate in discussions on my saved search, I have the potential to be bigger fish.  By sharing my own expertise and suggestions to people who are looking to learn about the topic,  my own credibility as an expert and thought leader is raised.

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