Never Fear Losing a Sale

Hi. My name is Rick and I am a political junkie. [chorus of “Hi Rick”]

While I certainly have my own views on most issues, my addiction is primarily based on the fact that I find politics more entertaining than The Avengers.  I know this is sad.

Putting aside my personal demons, I heard something about 10 minutes ago on Morning Joe that really struck me.  Not so much from a political point of view but how it relates to sales.

The discussion had to do with why some political candidates come across as dumb, shy, disengaged and stiff on the soap box when they are actually intelligent and likable “in real life”  They gave several examples from  both parties over the years.

One of the commentators speculated that the candidates who don’t come across well are probably speaking from the position that they are “afraid” of losing their election.   This fear makes them sound too “careful” in choosing their words.  This can cause the candidate to come across as less than natural and sincere.  It impacts their speech as well as their body language.

I got to thinking that this same syndrome is also true in sales.    If while speaking with a client
you choose your words and actions based on a fear of not closing the deal, it will come across and thus lower his perception of you.  Remember – people buy from people that make them feel comfortable.  It you are uncomfortable, the client will feel the same.

Believe in your solution.  Be confident that what you are selling is right for the client.  If you do those things, you will come across as someone who is sincere and likable.

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