Rick Schwartz Bio

“It all started on a 5000 watt radio station in Fresno California.” (Obscure reference to Ted Baxter, a character on The Mary Tyler Moore Show from the 70s)

For me, I entered the world of Sales and Marketing kind of early -I was 19 when I started my first business. In 1973 there was no internet so there was no e-shopping.  If you wanted to find used stuff of any type you read the papers and looked for an ad.

I ran ads weekly in the local pennysaver offering used musical instruments. When I’d get a call for something that I could acquire, I drive down to lower Manhattan where there was a slew of Pawn Shops. I’d pick up a guitar for $10 and sell it for $25.  That was fun for a while but too successful for me to do it by myself so I got out.

After a few retail sales jobs, I joined The New York Telephone Company in 78. Worked as an operator, Cust Svc Rep and then as a Sales Rep.  In 1984 when the AT&T Divestiture occurred, I moved to the Long Distance side of AT&T and spent the next 9 years in a variety of sale and marketing management positions

Between 93 and 99 I worked a three companies in an assortment of roles including Director Of Sales Training for a staff of 2500+ sales reps.

Between 2000 and 2004 I took two tours of duty as VP of Sales. The last was at an online compliance training provider.  We service clients such as Nasdaq, Baxter Health, CBS, Sony and some other national companies.

After trying my hand at Real Estate for while, in 2010 I decided to get back to my roots, which is helping others learn how to maximize their sales and marketing efforts.

It’s almost 40 years since I started and just by nature of  “been there, done that” I’ve learned a ton of really cool stuff to share with my clients.

On the personal side, I live in Bethel, CT with my wife, Shereen and our two (seems like more) dogs, Sasha and Smoochie.  My two kids are grown and gone – one is a teacher in Atlanta and the other studying to become a Pastor. They’re both happy which is all a dad can ask for.

I’ve been semi-pro musician most of life.  It’s a little tougher these days to carry all my gear around, but I still get out there and play.

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