Acquire – Develop – Close

Every business is different.

No matter how unique they are though, they all have one thing in common: Their overarching goal is to improve the bottom line.

Everything your company does, outside of delivering your product or service should be focused on acquiring leads, evaluating them, identifying your best prospects, nurturing them and converting them to clients. When executed precisely and elegantly, Marketing and Sales will get you there.

Over the last decade or so the line between marketing and sales has blurred. This trend is not going to reverse  – in fact it will become blurrier and blurrier over the next decade.

Sales is an elegant skill that should be executed with grace. Marketing is a blend of creativity, process and discipline.  You have to look at both simultaneously.  No longer can marketing and sales be measured separately. Neither can they be executed separately.

Henry Bruce, founder of The Rock Annand Group, had the following to say about Rick Schwartz of Sales Addiction based on their work together in the late 90s,

“Rick is that rare marketing maven who possesses the ability to think and act as a sales exec. His success working for me then is what has made him a continual success today – he’s a relationship builder who relates to his clients and prospects with an “A” performer sales skill set that always delivers results. Attention to detail and that deft touch either on the phone or in person is what separates Rick from the sales and marketing crowd.

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