The things we do for clients are based on what they need.  If you’re looking to add to your bottom line by improving your sales and marketing processes, we’re here for you.  We can work on a project specific basis for a flat fee, or ongoing coaching and training based on an hourly table.

There are three basic categories: Lead Acquisition, Lead Nurturing, Lead Conversion.  This is a representative list and not all-inclusive. If you need help in an area – we’ll do it.


  • Review your current lead generation plan, looking for consistency of message and effectiveness.
  • Strategize with you to formulate new programs, messaging, methods to add to your plan.
  • Train and/or coach you (or an employee) in the usage of various social networking media.


  • Analyze your current lead follow-up plan – if you don’t have one, we’ll help you build one
  • Train and or/coach you (or an employee) on the follow-up process
  • Help you develop a method of tracking the effectiveness of your plan or components


  • Review, Analyze or develop a Sales Process and Sales System
  • Group or 1-2-1 sales training  (see below for topics)
  • Ongoing coaching/mentoring sales personnel
  • Training in sales personnel new hire and interviewing technique
  • Recruiting of Sales Personnel

WEB PRESENCE (I partner with a fabulous team of geniuses if additional expertise is required)

  • Video Marketing
  • Website analysis
  • Social Networking strategy, site development, training, and implementation
  • Mobile Marketing strategies including the “next big thing”  – QR Codes


  • Organic Selling Principals and Techniques
  • Telephone Communications
  • Inter-personal communications
  • The Social Network Wheel
  • Twitter  –  Why to do it, How to do it, What to Tweet, What not to Tweet
  • Content Marketing: It’s not just social media


  • For civic or non-profits I will speak on the subject of small business sales and marketing at no charge.
  • I am also available for corporate and trade association presentations on a variety of subjects.

If you  need some help in any of these areas but you’re not sure of the specifics, give me a shout and we’ll site down and chat for a bit (no charge – you can buy the coffee).  Then we can decide together if the things I do match the things you need.

Basic Consulting Rate is $150 per hour.   Discounts will apply based size and scope of projects.  

Group Training rate is $40 per person with a minimum charge of $400.  This is for a custom program up to 90 minutes in length.  Groups of 20  or more students, rate drops to $35 per person. 

Publicly offered classroom based training programs range from $0.00 to $39.00 per attendee.

Publicly  offered Web-based training programs range from $0.00 to $29.00 per attendee.

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