Direct Your QR Traffic With A Gateway Page

When small businesses board the QR train the first stop is typically a link to their homepage or a vCard. Once they realize that it can go further, the challenge becomes deciding which URL to send their Q-Audience to.

There are so many choices of how best to use QR for your business. Where you want to send people may change from time to time – in fact it is very likely that it will change as you business grows.

I have some tightly targeted QR codes but I also have one that I call my QR Gateway. I actually have this code on a car magnet. This idea hit me when I had to decide where to send the folks who scan my car. My homepage is good, but I’d also like them to perhaps see my newest video, or to like me on Facebook.

It was really very simple. Here’s what I did.

I created a one-page blog using (free)

I picked a theme that has a full-width page option so there are no sidebars or footers. I chose WP because it converts pages nicely to mobile format.

The page itself is very basic it has no graphics so that it loads quickly on a mobile phone – just text and text links. There’s a high-level description of my business followed by this phrase:

“This Gateway allows you to select from the links below. Save this page in your QR reader’s favorites as the information available to you will update frequently.”

This is followed by six links to specific locations in my web presence.

The Q-experience for my audience can be varied and directed in two different ways.

Since the page itself has virtually no design elements, adding or deleting links takes a few seconds.

As I make changes to the information in the destination links, they will be reflected in the gateway in real time to the user when he refreshes the page or each time he calls it up from his saved links.

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  1. Or you could just use Kimtag !

    • Rick Schwartz

      Kimtag looks quite cool. I see that you’ve set mine up. Thanks. I am definitely going to check it out.

  2. you can also just use Pro Codes to acheive the same thing.

    you can see them at

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